New Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Details Revealed

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    In a recent interview with, a Japanese publication, producer Shuichi Kobayashi and tri-Ace programmer Yoshiharu Gotanda for Star Ocean 5 revealed more details about the game including where it will actually fall in the Star Ocean storyline, what the battle system will be like, and more.

    Highlights from the interview include:
    • This game will take place between Star Ocean 2 and Star Ocean 3
    • Although things such as item creation, private actions, and branching affection rating-related events will be coming back, they'll be optimized specifically for Star Ocean 5. They mention also trying to keep item creation from being too complicated.
    • The game will largely attempt to avoid cut-scenes, although a handful will still be present being seen as necessary for the telling of a dramatic story.
    • When you encounter an enemy, as you may have seen in the E3 reveal, the battlefield is where you encounter them with no major battle transition.
    • Combat will be similar to Infinite Undiscovery, but changed to be a more intuitive experience.
    • There will be no keeping extra characters out of battle in this game. If they're in your party, they're participating in battle. That means more than six people can battle at the same time. Of course, party size will fluctuate throughout the game depending on how far you are.
    • Party members will always be visible which goes along with the idea that there are no big transitions into battle for them to magically appear.
    • Strategies can be set for AI characters, and it won't be necessary to always keep track of every HP gauge even once you have a slightly larger party.
    There are other fun bits of information from the interview, and I encourage reading through the information from the English Gematsu source link to learn more about the upcoming game as a whole. It's seeming like the game will be a pretty interesting experience, and one worth adding to the game library of any RPG fan.

    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is set to launch on PS3 and PS4 in Japan this winter, and at an unannounced time in 2016 for North America and Europe.

    :arrow: Source 1 (Gematsu)
    Source 2 (4gamer Full Interview [Japanese])
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