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    I was reading through some of the new games expected out for the DS later this year and came across this one. Now I've played each of the previous Spider-Man games on the GBA and & DS and wasnt too impressed.

    I post this here to read some of your opinions on what you think this new Spider-Man game might be like - knowing ofcourse of how the previous releases were...

    Any feedback would be welcomed - thank you

    Activision announces a new web-slinger adventure, Spider-Man: Battle for New York, will ship for Nintendo's portables this fall.
    By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot.com
    Posted Jul 19, 2006 2:46 pm PT

    By now, virtually any Marvel Comics fans worth their salt has seen the trailer for Spider-Man 3 ( http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/spider-man_3/ ) But while the third installment in the Sam Raimi-directed blockbuster film series isn't due until May 2007, gamers will get a new Web-slinger adventure later this year--on portables, anyway.

    Today, Activision announced an all-new title, Spider-Man: Battle for New York, for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Developed by Australia-based Torus Games (Fantastic 4 for the GBA), the title has not yet been rated or priced, but is slated for release this fall.

    Based on the Spider-Man comic books, Spider-Man: Battle for New York pits the red-and-blue suited super-arachnophile against his old foe, the Green Goblin. However, unlike other Spider-Man games, this title will let gamers play as either the titular superhero or his armored nemesis. Their respective goals will be to save and destroy New York City using gravity-defying acrobatics and missile and web attacks.

    Heavy on action, Battle for New York will offer gamers an assortment of combination moves to use in combat. It will also incorporate role-playing elements, allowing players to customize their villain or hero with various powers. Gameplay on the DS will take advantage of the handheld's touch-sensitive screen, where players will engage in "Spider Sense" minigames, and its Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow for head-to-head ad hoc multiplayer battles.

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