New Sonic game prototypes found by drx, shows early stages from Sonic CD, more to come

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  1. RuthlessTheHooman

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    Oct 15, 2019
    I remember that for years people have thought the Sega CD tech demo was related to the scrapped CD versions of Sonic 1/2, it's weird having the full version available now and seeing how much more was in than I had thought.

    Sonic CD 0.02 is also a great find, I love the version of the song used in Palmtree Panic Past, but it is a shame there's nothing of R2 to be seen.
    My guess is the assets for it weren't ever added to the game, which is unfortunate, since I'd like to see what a Sonic level that wasn't considered "good enough" would be like. (Then again, if I wanted a bad Sonic level I could just play Sonic Forces.)