New Shinobi successor on Dreamcast (Shadow Gangs Demo link)

Does the Dreamcast need a proper Shinobi game?

  • Absolutely!

  • No, ps4 / ps5 do

  • What is Shinobi?

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Jun 30, 2004
I backed a new game coming to Dreamcast and they made available a free demo to run on original Dreamcast. I am waiting for my GDemu kit for my Dreamcast but It works great on Retroarch and Demul.

Dreamcast Demo Gameplay

Get it here:

Decompress the zip file using 7zip for example:
  • Please remember the double jump (works only when as Ninja), just press the jump button again when Dan is in the decent phase of a normal jump.
  • Please also play in Easy mode if you are not familiar with games like Shinobi. It's called "Rising Ninja" in the options menu, you can change the difficulty there.
  • You can modify the controls in the options menu
  • You can use the demo file (CDI) on a GDEMU on a real Dreamcast, or burn it to a CDR and use it too, or use a good emulator, I have been using Demul:
Their Kickstater is here and it's impressive for a new Dreamcast game and they have a 4K PS4/5 stretch goal! :
Kickstarter Link
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