New revision Nintendo Switch soon? (HAT-001)

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    If it was a revision, it wouldn't be 001. Not to mention the numerous other clear indications it wouldn't be happening...

    But I guess if you want attention, saying a new switch revision is coming is one way to get it.
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    Yeah, the EDEV unit. It's exactly what it sounds like, a dev console

    Which is likely what this 001 model is, as well
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    Where is the haha react button
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    I hope it's a Switch XL, these joycons are too fucking tiny for my yaoi hands.
  8. guily6669

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    Yeah but 5 years it would be more a new console than a upgrade...

    3DS had the new 3DS with improvements, PS4 went to the Pro, Xbox 1 went to the X, I think if Nintendo upgraded the 3DS they will probably upgrade the switch since the console is selling well and will be the best portable console for years... Sony gives up on their portable consoles...

    Also smartphones are getting more powerful like the Snapdragon 835 with ~567 Gflops and at 10nm is way more power efficient than Tegra X1. And new Snapdragon is already out there...

    The new tegra also has a lower power edition and maybe later Nvidia could make it at 10nm or less and reduce the clocks to be used on a new improved switch...
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  9. Brawl345

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    Why is this thread still open? It was already said MULTIPLE times that this is NOT a new revision but a DEVKIT.
  10. guily6669

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    We are not discussing this revision, now we are discussing that Nintendo might make an improved version later down the road like the new 3DS, off course it's not going to be now so soon...

    It will probably appear s few revisions with small improvements like fixing the warping problem or reduce a bit energy efficiency by upgrading some components before an actual upgraded switch could appear...
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    Hat in Time confirmed for Nintendo Switch? :tpi:
  12. VitaType

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    Jul 16, 2016
    Sorry for destroying that dream, but from the offical Hat in Time twitter account. A Hat in Time even will get a coop which would be perfect for a Nintendo console...
    Hm, there still is hope for Odyssee DLC kingdoms after all ;)
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    There’s plenty of rubbing of the crystal ball in this thread, but the reality is that nobody knows.

    The last few pages can be summed up as ‘Nintendo released DS refreshes in the past due maybe they’ll do it again. Or maybe they won’t’.
  14. Jay L

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    Those L/R + zL/zR buttons are a especially a big problem killer for me. Still can't believe the thing has no analog trigger...
    Anyway considering how successful the Switch has been (arguably undeservingly) I'd be really surprised to see any type of revision beyond the standard internal hardware changes to it get built cheaper and in less time.
    Then again this is Nintendo--a company that's constantly going against common sense and proven business models so who knows.

    About the OP: Why would anyone even assume this has anything to do with a Switch Revision? According to Google translate it specifically says "Name of device: Specific low power wireless devices (wireless devices for wireless access systems including wireless LAN)". Sound more like a new controller or an accessory.
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    This is HAT-001: (SDEV) []

    This is HAT-002: (EDEV) []
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