New Review: Super Card SD & Super Pass 2

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    New Review & Instructions: Super Card SD & Super Pass 2 Review

    New official GBAtemp Review

    Puck ("All rise!") has just wrapped up another of his nice reviews with a set of instructions and helpful steps. This time for the Super Card SD & Super Pass 2. The Super Pass 2 is compatible with all DS's old and new!
    So check out his review...
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  2. NeoShweaty

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    about taking the superpass out, you have to make sure that you take it out the way you take out a regular ds game, by pressing down on it and then having it pop up a little, or else you risk breaking it
  3. Knattabert

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    Looks like Supercard really sucks. M3 can easily beat it. Thanks for the review.
  4. MC DUI

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    Yes this is exactly the reason people go around claiming that the Superpass broke their DS cart slot. You have to actually remove the Superpass very slightly then push down on the Superpass to get the click release as though you would with an actual DS cart.

    Not too bad a review all round Puck covered the good and the bad of the cart, personally I will add that of the 3 SupercardSD's I have bought they had no trouble entering and being removed from the GBA slot, also I didn't have the trouble Puck is mentioning about the contact not being made all the time by the cart. Although in saying that I have read about others with these problems so it is probably a possibility when you buy a SupercardSD.

    If you want a cheap NDS rom cart the Supercard is really good value, just flashme your DS and you won't need the Superpass.
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    superpass2 + flashme + supercard= gold
  6. tshu

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    Sep 21, 2005
    I'm really happy with my Supercard SD. For DS roms, its perfect. (GBA is another story, but I have an EZFA for any GBA roms that don't work on SC)