new ps3 bundle w/gt5 at bestbuy free w/ tv purchase question

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by slickric33, Dec 2, 2010.

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    just saw this at bestbuy my question is can you jailbreak it and go back and foorth to 3.5 to play gt5 then downgrade to 3.41 to play all older games. I keep seeing that once you go to 3.5 to play gt5, you cant go back to 3.41 to play jailbreaked games and you are screwed, but am i correct that if you buy the realjailbreak and get the downgrader for 100 dollars , that you can go back and forth.

    ps does anyone know if the ps3 gt5 bundle w/ 160 gb hd at bestbuy is at firmware 3.5 already ( i assume so) and id its factory 3.5 can the downgrader downgrade to 3.41 for jailbreak thanks cause if anyone needs a new 3dtv , the ps3 is virtually free, but if not able to jailbreak and go back and forth to gt5 and back , its not really worth much
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    The ps3 is still a great value without jailbreaking it...
    As for being able to 'downgrade' a 3.5 system that came with it installed already, I asked the same question in another thread, with no answer. Iheard that you could only downgrade to the lowest firmware that had ever been installed on the system.If that is true, then no, but I have no idea if that statement holds water.

    Another question floating around is, can you only downgrade a system that was already jailbroken before the upgrade? Again, I have no idea.

    I have heard that you loose your data when downgrading, and theres a high potential for bricking your system if you go back and forth often. So, it's probably not a good solution either way.

    If anyone can clarify or has information different from this, please post it here!