New Nintendo 3DS XL - Couple of Questions

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Kenneth196, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Kenneth196

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    Hi all,

    I currently have a 3DS XL 9.2 (Mario & Luigi Dream edition). I'm interested in selling it (anyone interested in buying? lol) and purchasing a New 3DS XL (I know someone with a 9.0 who wants to sell). Just a few questions...

    1) From some quick googling, it appears that in order to do a system transfer between my 3DS XL and the new one, both would need to be on the latest firmware. Is there any way around this? I'd like to keep the 3DS XL on 9.2 for resale value.

    2) Can anyone confirm that a 64GB micro SD (with FAT32) would work in the New 3DS XL?

    Ummmm... actually I think that's it!
  2. X_Frost

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    Never did a system transfer, so I can't say. I'm sure that there isn't, due to the new3ds getting a new encryption key.

    I can confirm that this works. Really useful and if I had enough for a 128 GB I would've gotten it instead.
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    You have over 100 posts. You can try posting it in the ShopTemp section of the forum.

    Gateway does not support 9.6 yet in emuNAND. Once they do however, you can safely transfer the emuNAND of your OG3DS to the N3DS emuNAND without issue. There's a few forum threads on how to do this.

    Yes, 64GB will work. It must be formatted FAT32.
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  4. Pippin666

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    And avoid Sandisk brand. Over 32Gb they don't work with a 3DS or even N3DS for that matter.

  5. xile6

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    Jan 15, 2006
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    call nintendo and tell them your old system doesnt work but you need to do a transfer.
    they will ask for the serial numbers. then you will be able toredownload on the new system. (new system has to be updated to get to the eshop tho
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