New NDS lites Flashing problem?

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    Jul 10, 2006
    alright i was in another forum and some one had try to practice flash there ds lite from the main menu and it truned off on him so he went and try the same thing again and it did the same thing but this time it did not trun back on. so some one in the forum was telling him that with new DS lites its a security measure, if you touch the SL1 when its not plugged in then it will turn off, and brick during flashing

    if you touch SL1 more then one time during flashing and its plugged in it will brick

    so the guy told him that he got his wen they first launch the ds lites and that he was just tryin to practice flashing his dsl in the main menu and it was pulged in to the wall. the other guy in trun said that you could not do it on the new NDS lites. A new shipment of them brick if you let go of SL1.

    is this true and if so were can i find this infomation?

    he told me to go to SG dev forums and search.
    but i cant find it can someone link it

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    First of all, im not sure if its a security measure, but it may be that the DS uses SOooooo Much Power durring flashing, that the battery is not enough to keep it going. (again, never tried it, dont want to risk it to be safe)

    Next.... i had read the same exact "faq" about letting go of sl1. I'd have to say in my experience ,i let go of sl1 several times, and had a sucessful flash.

    alot of these rumors start because they do something that leads to a successful flash. In this one they pluged in their ds in so they wont risk it. When it works they say "it HAS TO be plugged in" (whos gonna try to flash it w/o it being plugged in, and risk killing their ds? [​IMG] )

    and i belive the reason why people say that if you realease it, it will brick is because those people think "oh i have to move it" and actually hit the other contact, causing the unit to shut down.

    you can look at the gbatemp guide for flashing HERE for a little more information.
    good luck!