New nds-bootstrap update improves DSiWare game compatibility on original DS systems and adds save support


Nds-bootstrap is an essential homebrew for those wanting to play their Nintendo DS games natively on a 3DS, using just an SD card. And as of a new update, it's only gotten better; a few months ago, @RocketRobz managed to get DSiWare titles running on original "phat" DS and DS Lite units, though compatibility was limited, and saving wasn't supported. Now, over 100 DSiWare games work on older DS models, with the ability to save your game data.

What's new?​

  • DSiWare playability on DS Phat/Lite is finally out of it's proof-of-concept stage, as you can now save your data, along with 100 titles now supported (plus a few more, if you're using a DS Debug console)!
    • A custom .sav format is used for flashcard DSiWare save files (featuring a "save exist" flag and save size at the end of the file).
    • Shantae: Risky's Revenge can now get past the first two battles using an existing save file!
    • Scroll down to see which titles are now supported to play on DS Phat/Lite.

Some of the games that you can try out include Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop, Model Academy, Orion's Odyssey, and many more. WarioWare: Touched! DL version also works, though the audio does not work, because it takes up too much RAM. If you happen to have a debug DS unit, four extra games will work on it: Dragon Quest Wars, Make Up & Style, Metal Torrent, and Plants vs. Zombies.

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Aug 24, 2018
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I agree!
I guess it depends on if Wii U VC is able to run DSi-Enhanced games (in DS mode, ofc). If it does, then I'd be able to post the patches I've made for testing on NO$GBA (but no save support though), provided they do work on Wii U VC, but I don't have a hacked Wii U console to test.
Yo, I got one! I'll be glad to help with testing.


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Apr 9, 2004
A page file would work if you have an MMU that allows you to use an area of normal ram to be mapped to the relevant addresses and generate exceptions if you access an area of ram that isn't currently mapped. When you get an exception then you evict a page to sd and load a new page in. Whether that is possible on the DS is one thing, whether someone will bother to code it is another then finally it could be so slow to be unusable.

Unfortunately I am almost certain that the DS doesn't have a MMU. Why do you think gbarunner2 is/was such a pain in the ass to make?

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