new Moonshell AAC decoder

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Wandering over to Infantile Paralysiser's site ( ) I saw that a prototype AAC decoder for moonshell has appeared, I do not know about anyone else but AAC has taken up residence as my standard of choice for video encodes and sits alongside FLAC for when audiophile mode kicks in:
    I fired a couple of AAC tracks over to my memory card and had a look, it needs raw aac streams (as opposed to AAC in MP4 type containers). Sound quality is pretty good (I tested a 100kbps VBR track encoded with FAAC and found it about as good as a 192 kbps mp3 done with LAME) and I will hopefully get around to testing some more and using a better encoder (nero do a very good free one for what it is worth: ).
    MP4box with GUI for demuxing if you need it:
    I am in a rush so no in depth guide/linkfest right now but you need to have the aac.msp file in the plugin directory and LC aac is advised.
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    For stereo audio still prefer ogg, for 5/7.1 aac is certainly the best.