New Monster Hunter G/MH3 Tri details

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    "Some old, some new details…

    MH3 Tri

    - New area: Desert
    ? areas/caves that that sunlight cannot reach
    ? Swordfish like monsters that attack in groups
    ? Huge ants

    - New monster: Volvolos
    ? Lives in the desert
    ? covers itself in mud to protect from sunlight/heat
    ? Breathes by sticking its nose above the mud
    ? attacks with an upward head thrust
    ? attacks by shaking off hardened mud
    ? if you get hit by mud attacks, you will be unable to attack, and your movement speed will decline
    ? uses ‘bind voice’ ability which makes hunters cover their ears

    - Rathian
    ? New spitting fire move that will have a big area effect
    ? New move by using its talons to trap a hunter and bite them
    ? When stamina decreases, it will fall down during charge or there will be no fire when it is spitting

    - Ragiakurusu
    ? different movements on land/sea
    ? Electric attack will stun players
    ? Will rest underwater to regenerate health

    - Once underwater gauge runs out, health will decrease
    - Regenerate by getting above water or air bubbles.
    - New feature: Action Point: shortcut to mining, catching bugs etc by pressing A
    - 40% complete
    - 2009 release

    Monster Hunter G
    - Cover image: a hunter wearing Rathalos armor using Babel facing Azure Rathalos
    - nearly 100% port
    - Widescreen support
    - pick between PSP/PS2 control schemes
    - 6 Weapons: Big Sword, Small Sword & Shield, Lance, Hammer, Dual Sword and Light/Heavy bowguns
    - Single and Network mode
    - send items straight to item box
    - 77% complete
    - Spring release"

    Some new scans:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    I can't wait for this game. I hope the release the english verison fast.
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    I don't understand. There's been a Desert area already, in the first one. Never played the second one...Why are they saying it's "new"?