New model EZ-Flash 4 ROM size limit?

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    So my current EZF4 is a bit broken at the moment (Gives some errors on startup and Fat File system error when I try to play anything), so I'm trying to fix it either with a new MiniSD-MicroSD adapter or a new MicroSD card, but if neither of those work I'll probably end up buying the newer model. Now I know the older model can't play games over 26mb under normal circumstances (I got one to work, but I forgot how, something about burning it directly to the RAM or whatever), but is the newer model able to play games with large filesizes like Earthbound natively? Thanks.
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    Only way I recall being able to play the ones over 16 was to flash them to the NOR. Select on the rom i think? (Been awhile)
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    I would suggest hunting down a miniSD card if you can -- those errors are typically the result of bad adapters (and most of them are bad).

    Still as you asked for limits then it is the same as before -- whatever you can fit on the microSD card (up to 32 gigs of ROMs), for 16 megabytes or less they go in PSRAM (either press A or hold L and press A for hard reset before loading) and for over 16 megabytes and up to 32 megabytes you have to put it on the NOR. If you are on the NOR screen (after you select the files you see a window, you then press again to get to the SD card contents but before you do you are viewing the NOR) then pressing start will format it, pressing select will delete the last ROM from the list (has to be that way owing to how NOR works). To put a ROM on the NOR then find it on the SD card and press select, it will then ask you if you want to put it on the NOR.

    There are models of EZ4 with more or less NOR and PSRAM (the lite deluxe model has 32 megabytes of RAM and 48 of NOR, the lite compact is not worth the effort so don't), technically the new EZ4 microSD models have more NOR but the loader ignores this.

    GBA ROMs you will encounter top out at 256Mbit (32 megabytes) but most will not go above 16 megabytes/128Mbit. List of commercial 256 titles
    Some ROM hackers use the extra space and I guess you could make a compilation in goomba or pocketnes that exceeds that. For my money though there are some titles of note in the 256 list more ROM size is not more better and frankly I can live without most of them where there are loads of smaller games (that still last for ages) that I like an awful lot more. There are technically a couple of ROMs that go above the 32 meg limit in the Shrek films ( ) but no actual games.