New Member Reviews Batch #3

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    New Member Reviews Batch #3!

    20 new reviews

    Here's a list of 20 brand new member reviews submitted for the Member Review Contest.
    The response so far has been great, but you still have 5 days to submit your own review(s) before the competition ends. Just remember, you can win a brand new M3 Lite/Slim/Standard or Supercard.


    EZ2 Powerstar - by S2561588

    Nintendo DS Lite - by Volsfan91

    EZ IV Lite - Deluxe and Compact - by yee

    EZ IV Lite - Deluxe and Compact - by yorke

    Game Boy Micro - by Kirby102

    Keys Factory DS Lite Case (White) - by Golds


    Zoo Keeper - by yee

    Kirby Canvas Curse - by Volsfan91

    Mario Kart DS - by Volsfan91

    Meteos - by Volsfan91


    Super Mario Advance 4 - by yee

    Madden 2007 - by Covarr

    Metal Slug Advance - by yee

    It's Mr. Pants - by TheGreat2nd

    Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - by TheGreat2nd

    Mario Pinball Land - by TheGreat2nd

    Dr. Mario & Puzzle League - by TheGreat2nd

    DK: King of Swing - by TheGreat2nd

    Pokémon Emerald - by Volsfan91


    Gurumin (PSP) - by Chrono1102