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    What is the Max Crass Method
    The Max Crass Method (MCM) allows the Max Media Dock to do something it never could before--With the MCM, the MMD can now play nearly every ROM. Not only that, the Max Crass Method also erases the need of Donor cards--now you can play much more ROMs, and none of them require Donors!

    How to play any ROM desired
    1.) Extract the entire .zip file to any location you desire.
    2.) Copy the arm7.bin file.
    3.) Find the Backup you want off the net.
    4.) Open the DSLazy folder and run the DSLazy.exe file.
    5.) Browse for your ROM using the '...' button.
    6.) Press the unpack game button. (Leave DSLazy up)
    7.) Wait till it unpacks everything; leave the window it popped up open.
    8.) Paste the arm7.bin file, overwriting.
    9.) Now, back on DSLazy, press the 'repack' button.
    10.) Save the file as whatever you wish.
    11.) Open up the Max Overload 1.2 patcher.
    Patch the file you saved as you would a regular .nds file.
    12.) Put your .nds and .PAT file onto your MMD. You run MO on the MMD, and ta-da! You can run whatever game you couldn't before.

    How to play any game without a Donor card
    1.) Get ready the game that cannot be run unless a donor is used.
    2.) Download a game off the net that is the same type as the game that doesn't run. Just make sure the game you download does not require a donor.
    3.) Go to DSLazy program.
    4.) Browse for the file you downloaded in step 2.
    5.) Press the unpack button.
    6.) When the new window opens, copy the arm7.bin file that is located there.
    7.) Close the window and go back to DSLazy.
    8.) Browse for the original file that did not work without a donor.
    9.) Press the unpack button.
    10.) When the window pops up, paste the arm7 file you copied, overwrite the old one.
    11.) Close the new window and repack.
    Now patch the file like you would normally with MO. It will run just like it would with a donor-- except this time--- WITHOUT the donor!


    Crass-- He brought the DSLazy program the Maxconsole forums. It led us to discover how to work all this. Thus, we named this method after him.

    Acevampire-- That's me! I sort of learned how to put this all together. And...I wrote this.

    yourKami-- He got a streak luck and discovered which ROM was needed to make all the type 4 games work.