New Lufia not working on M3 DS Real

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    Dec 22, 2010
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    I've tried the newest releases of Sakura and M3's basic (Touchpod I think it's called)...I was able to play on a previous version of the M3 Firmware...but it locked up switching screen..and I cannot remember what version I had before ._. Now, I was excited when both Sakura AND M3 updated this past week claiming the have fixed game issues for this on the M3 DS REAL... and nothing else after creating the saver, just a black screen. I've tried the patches, hex, clean and all end with the same issue, cept Venom's, I get the intro then the black screen...the intro isn't that exciting. But I'm hoping someone here might be able to stear me into being able to play this without having to go buy a new flashcart. I've seen firmware "break" games with new releases like this before, but was never an issue (for me ofcourse) til now.

    As a side note, I would like to know, a safe place to get a Super Flashcard DSTWO (I think it's called?) for future reference when I can buy one, since the shops are down at gbatemp atleast for selling flashcarts.
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    The patched (english dub) version works perfectly on Sakura, I think it's the Likram one. If not, try Venon one. [​IMG]

    And 0shippingzone is awesome!
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