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    Nov 20, 2015
    United States
    Got my N3ds about a week, took me long enough to find all the information and understand everything from GBATEMP. (the first post tho.. x_x)

    Finally, i successful install the emunand 9.0 and updated to emunand 9.5 (Sysnand is 9.0U) with rxtools nightly build and themes hax+ctrbootmanager autoboot into emunand(didn't downgrade the mset).
    installed Nver (v448) to spoofed emunand to +28 Used Hans in emunand for eshop and install youtube.

    Now it comes a problem. when i launch youtube, it keep looping in 3DS logo.

    1. anyway that i can fix it?
    2. did i missing anything that i need to do also?
    3. or should i find the youtube.cia(us) and install?
    4. if so, where to download it?(keep searching on google, but no..T_T)

    Thanks for help.....~_~
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