New Harvest Moon Puzzle Game Revealed

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by War, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. War

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    Oct 26, 2007

    "Natsume has announced another Harvest Moon game, which, in itself, isn't much of a surprise. But Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming is not the same Harvest Moon that we see two or three times a year, localized from a Marvelous farming game. Instead, it's the second original Harvest Moon game from Natsume itself. It's also a sequel to the first one!

    Frantic Farming is a sequel to 2007's Puzzle de Harvest Moon, this time set in the world of Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. It looks to have the same gameplay, which turns planting, watering, and harvesting into a tile-based, quick puzzle game. Players can go through the game's story mode with each of 12 characters, as they work to solve the mystery of why the island is suddenly overrun with vegetables. Apparently the best way to solve this is to, uh, plant more vegetables.

    Puzzle de Harvest Moon's core gameplay was interesting, but the game was a bit too light on substance, and a bit too easy to complete by randomly scribbling. We're hoping that the added modes will allow Frantic Farming when it comes out this May."

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    Katamari Puzzle games.. Harvest Moon puzzlegames..
    Cmon, we want REAL games!
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    weren't rumors going around about this game months ago?
    i seem to recall seeing some screens for this game back then
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    It was rumoured a while ago but I dont remember any screens.

    Not sure why the game got a sequel, it wasnt that great and it didn't sell well.
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    I might try this out when it's released