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New “Gigaleak” documents detail Nintendo’s internal plans for dealing with homebrew scene hackers


Somewhere out there, Nintendo’s ninjas are watching us. Possibly reading these very words—at least, according to the latest “Gigaleak”. Yet another sizable amount of content have been uploaded to the internet, reportedly containing early Switch SDK files, from before the system was even released, and more internal documents from Nintendo.

Included within the latest Gigaleak are apparently development photos of 3DS cartridges, old obsolete keys for the early prototype Switch model, and perhaps most interestingly of all, Nintendo’s elaborate plans to hire a hacker from the 3DS scene: Neimod. Presentations from the files show that Nintendo went to detailed lengths to research the homebrew scene during the 3DS era, to dissuade any would-be hackers with items or interviews, and even consider the PR and potential issues from the scene over hiring said hacker.

As interesting as these files are, please remember that they contain illegal content, and thus cannot be linked to on

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