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    I've just got done talking with Emu_Kidid the author of the very popular GCOS software that originally was a BIOS replacement for the Nintendo GameCube and has migrated to the Nintendo Wii. GCOS can be utilized for various purposes and one of it's popular features is the ability to boot MultiGame Discs. These discs can contain two or more GameCube games saving you blank discs.

    Emu_Kidid gave me a list of features that will be included in the next version of GCOS. It includes an In Game Reset (IGR) feature, Region Fixes and most noteworthy Dual Layer (DVD9) Disc Support. The DVD9 Support comes as a treat to Wiikey owners as you'll be required to own one of these chips to take advantage of the feature. Additionally, you'll need to update your Wiikey with the latest software which is scheduled to hit soon. Looks like this release sheds some light on the rumors circulating about the Wiikey site being down.

    * Dual Layer Support (Wiikey Only)
    * Now list more than 3 games (7 or 8 per screen)
    * Goes straight to games list - no reset unless needed
    * Self bootable discs are not explored, but bootable now.
    * IGR via eject button (back to the first thing on the DVD)
    * Press A or Start to select a game
    * Long game names are now cut
    * Region fixes yet again
    * Videomode in menu is now detected from the previous loader

    Source: Tehskeen
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    sounds good, now onwards to crack the vc....fwithout a modchip