1. yabababa

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    Aug 17, 2012
    I have a four year old Nintendo DS lite and Edge card adapter. It's been working fine but from the beginning of this year, it won't load new DS games anymore. It usually freezes at the "loading" part or it turns completely black or white and freezes.
    And also, I've downloaded some newer Edge firmware ( I downloaded iEdge OS 2.3, Edge OS 2.3, Edge 2.0) But i'm not sure what is what, which one I can use, and which is the latest one. I'm a total technology noob.

    If I remove all the current files from my MicroSD card and keep it in my laptop, will it be affected or will it still work fine when I put it back into the MicroSD card? This is just incase the other things I downloaded won't work.

    And last question, if I downloaded an iEdge firmware, will it work on my Edge adapter?
  2. jimmyemunoz

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    Feb 23, 2009
    United States
    Backup your micro sd card to your PC.

    Use Panasonic SD Formatter v3.1

    Paste the files, the files you just backed up to your PC, back onto your Micro SD card

    Boot up your Edge card and test the games that didn't boot before

    (if you still have problems)

    Format your Micro SD card with Panasonic SD Formatter v3.1

    Put the Edge v2.3 Kernel on your micro sd card

    Copy your games and saves only, from your earlier backup, to your Micro SD card (don't copy the old operating system files from the backup you made)

    Boot it up and test the games that didn't boot

    (if it still doesn't work)

    Buy a new card because the Edge v2.3 Kernel is not supporting the newest releases
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