New gameplay trailer for 'Time on Frog Island' released

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A new trailer for the upcoming sandbox puzzle adventure game Time on Frog Island was aired during the The MIX Showcase at GDC 2022:

Time on Frog Island is an exciting new sandbox puzzle adventure game where a sailor is shipwrecked on a strange island after a terrible storm and he awakes to find his boat in ruins. Clutching his precious potted plant, the sea dog goes about trying to fix his boat and find his way home. However, the peculiar frog-like locals don’t speak his language and they aren’t about to give up the items he needs without something in exchange! A spaghetti network of trades will take him all over this strange island as he seeks out materials to fix his boat. Meet a cast of friendly characters, solve head-scratching puzzles, find hidden treasures, and much more as you explore this toadally awesome island sandbox adventure.

Developed by Half Past Yellow, Time on Frog Island will be launching on PC, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch sometime this summer.

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Feb 10, 2021
United States
I think this game was invented for children under 12 years old. Because my younger brother is not interested in this game. When the game Time on Frog Island was just released, I immediately offered to try it on the computer to my younger brother. But literally, twenty minutes passed, and he started playing steam again and trading skins through the rust trading bot. When I asked what he didn't like about this adventure game, he replied that it was for little kids. Is my brother already such an adult at the age of 12? I do not know what to offer him instead of his shooting games because he plays them all day.
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