New forum for cultural discussions

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    Oct 24, 2002
    New forum for cultural discussions
    Upon request!
    GBAtemp introduces the... BMTM!

    [​IMG] Books, Music, TV and Movie Discussions Forum

    We received numerous requests in the past for a new forum dedicated to this kind of discussions; well the day has come. We have just opened a new forum in the "Other Discussions" area, just next to the Off-Topic Discussions Forum. This new section will contain all sorts of cultural topics: comics, mangas, books in general, music and bands and the industry, TV shows, movies and stuff you watch in general. Now you have a place to go to discuss the latest episodes of your favourite show with your friends and the community!

    UPDATE: in other news, we have recently switched to a new server (full story here) for the database, which should improve site performance. Since the board is now interestingly fast, we have merged all the old posts back together: archive forum's & last year's cut down posts- over a million posts restored! All posts from the beginnings of GBAtemp are now back up, along with all the original topics. Enjoy the full version of GBAtemp!

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