New Fallout 3 DLC 'Broken Steel' Coming May 5th

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    "So, you've taken part in Operation Anchorage and visited The Pitt and you're still hungry for more Fallout 3 content? Luckily you don't have too much longer to wait for Broken Steel, the third -- and largest -- piece of downloadable content for the game, which will be made available on Xbox Live and PC on May 5.

    Not only does Broken Steel add a new main quest line which, at four to five hours, is longer than The Pitt, but it also removes a lot of Fallout 3 fans' major qualms with the game -- the ending. Broken Steel takes place after the original ending of the game, allowing you to continue to explore the world after the main quest line is complete. It also increases the level cap from 20 to 30 and introduces some new high-level perks, armor and weapons.

    The original Fallout 3 endgame has been changed, so that three companions will no longer refuse to aid you in your final task. The Broken Steel story picks up two weeks later, with you dealing of the consequences of your actions. Don't worry, completing Broken Steel won't end the game either. The folks at Bethesda haven't moved the finishing line -- they've dismantled it.

    As a result of the level cap increase, you'll be facing much tougher enemies. The amount of experience required to reach the new levels is designed to keep you playing the game for much longer than the new main quest will last, which is why new side missions have also been included. You'll be traveling all over the Capital Wastelands again, though things may have now changed to reflect your earlier actions.

    New areas have also been added, including the Presidential Tunnels under the White House and the new world space, Adam's Airforce Base. Fans of Dogmeat will be happy to hear that one of the new perks -- 'Puppies!' -- allows your loyal pet to reincarnate at a specific location if something terrible should happen to it. Bethesda were tight lipped on any more perk details, but that means plenty of surprises once the content drops on May 5.

    Bethesda was tempted to raise the price for Broken Steel, considering the amount of new content. You'll be happy to hear that their madness soon left them -- the DLC will sell for the usual 800."

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    woot! This sounds great. I've been dying to play more Fallout.
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    Wow, that's some massive content rolling in. I reached the level cap pretty soon (leaving 5-6 main quests without level-up/exp) and I'm totally looking forward to this. I haven't played any of the other DLCs yet, because in Germany they are only released with German voice over and I bought an English version. I guess it's time to get into that proxy/uk account thingy and download 'The Pitt' and this one together.

    Being released on my birthday makes it a(nother) great gift. [​IMG]
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    This is going to be the only one of the three DLC packs I end up getting. It just has the most bang for your buck.
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    fallout really did make a huge impact on the scne so i guess this won't be any less
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    Nice, they finally have a date for it. Though I'm still going to wait a bit before going for this or any of the others in hopes of a three pack at a cheaper price... $30 for all three DLC packs just seems a bit much, since I think I paid $45 of so for the game itself...
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    Nice, I'm holding off getting The Pitt until we get this DLC, that way I can make use of the higher level cap rather than just bombing through it at level 20.
    Fantastic though, can't wait to play this. Only problem being it has to be about a week before my A Levels start so I'll probably have to hold off buying until after them :\.
  8. xergal

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    Apr 1, 2006
    I'm hoping it'll extensively bug tested prior to release. I'm fooking angry having spent 40hrs+ playing the main game, getting to the level cap, entering the Pitt...speaking to the main NPC there and then black screen. Rebooted the 360, went to load my save and it's corrupt!