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    New EZ4-Lite photos

    Now with added plastic casing!

    The EZ team have released some new photos of the EZ4-Lite. A NDS based flash kit specifically designed for the DS Lite.


    The cart has been designed to fit entirely within the DS Lite GBA cart slot, and as you can see from the photos, will be released in the three DS Lite colours currently available in Japan (ice white, baby blue and navy blue). No word on a black version yet, but here's hoping!

    According to information from the EZ Team the cart will protrude from the DS Lite by about 0.8mm due to design limitations.
    The cart uses "Micro SD" memory cards (currently available in sizes ranging up to 1GB).

    Please use this thread for further discussion.

    The EZ Team will also release an adapter, currently going by the name "EZ-Mugen" (mugen actually meaning "unlimited" in Chinese!) that will allow the EZ4-Lite to be used on a classic Nintendo DS, GBA SP or GBA.

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