New Ewin2 pro for NDS and GBA

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    Dec 21, 2006
    Ewin2 Team

    EWIN2 Multi Media Adaptor for NDS/NDSL is an amazing product for those who want to download free games from a PC to a NDS. It is a miniature mobile NDS/NDSL file Manager and Backup device which allows you to run a variety of software/Homebrew.
    Ewin2 has 3 version this time - SD version ,mini SD version and Micro SD version , all the versions of EWIN2 compatible with all NDS/NDS Lite. It build in cell battery, saving game directly to it, easy to operate.It is a truly high-compacity card and we strive to perfect its function.At the same time,Ewin2 team will continue to develop sofeware to enhance the Ewin2 function. Please pay attention that Ewin2 multi media adaptor can not work with GBA game.
    PassKey3 is a new Passcard for all the back up carts by Ewin team, it comatible with SC /G6 /Z4 ,but remember it is made for unlock your NDS/NDSL and GBA . Now , own Ewin 2 and Pass key3 is a nice fashion on your playing !
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    Aug 22, 2006
    Any news on the Ewin3, if you're from the Ewin team?