New DS Flash Kit - N-CARD

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    New DS Flash Kit - N-CARD

    Slot 1 flush card, internal memory

    For those of you that missed the original thread, here's a copy of the news about the N-CARD. A newly announced slot 1 DS flash kit.

    The N-CARD is a new inexpensive flush fitting slot 1 backup kit that uses internal memory (apparently with a micro SD version in the works), and is due for release on the 8th Dec (in China). Here's the list of manufacturer announced features:
    • [*]High ROM compatibility with few non-working titles[*]Supports clean ROMs via drag and drop[*]Touch Screen interface[*]Fits flush[*]Very cheap
    Unfortunately there are a few quirks with the card. The first, is that, it comes with a USB linker, which will be how you transfer ROMs to it. Also, homebrew support is said to be virtually non-existent, there's no built in NoPass, you need to manually set the save type of newer games, despite having a slot 2 adapter, it can't play GBA games, and single card multiplayer support is low.

    The estimated pricing for this kit is as follows: $25 for 128MB version, $40 for 512MB and $50 for 1GB (yes, that's BYTES not bits!).

    Expect more news on this card soon on
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