New DS Flash Kit - DS Fire

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    New DS Flash Kit - DS Fire

    Built in NAND flash, GBA and DS cart


    A new DS flash kit has appeared called the "DS Fire". It comes with a slot 1 cart called the "DS Fire Card" which has built in NAND memory and a slot 2 GBA cart called the "DS Fire Link". Not much is known about the cart, but it looks like a clone of the N-CARD and already seems to be available in the East.
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    Looks an awful lot like the SuperCard series.......
  3. grubbymitts

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    Sep 2, 2006
    something to do with the Ewin team. If you check's forum, Retromander one of the regular posters there has been asked to test it.
  4. zatelli

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    Though I already own a slot-1 card, it's good to hear the slot-1 card "war"'s heating up in the nand built-in flash memory segment, since it might drive prices down in the near future. Might be a serious competitor to the upcoming M3 Real if it were to run GBA backups. It's just a thought though [​IMG]
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    DS Fire... does that refer to the overheating usb cables of the N-Card or whatever clone with weird slot 2 combo that was?...
    And I don't really see the point in all these clones, they should just make a cheap cart with good download support or something. [​IMG]
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    There be many DS card flasher soon and they from same manufactured.
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    Yeah in the forum the tell about this new webside to be online soon
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    WTF? Really? Is that true for all newer Ewin cards or just for a specific series?
  9. unkadean

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    I wonder if this is where the M3 team is going with their future 'Real' cartridge model. Just a thought. [​IMG]
  10. DEF-

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    Feb 25, 2003
    Just took a look at the english homepage, seriously how hard is it to pay someone a few bucks to have a proper translation?! My native language isnt english, but come on they cant even put the commas on the right place.
    Soooooo annoying [​IMG]
  11. phoood

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    You is the smart answer. ?Cookie
  12. spas

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    Dec 15, 2006
    The pictures do a good job of making it look pretty and the site is designed well. But how good is it going to be is another question I guess.

    nand flash slot 1 war will be interesting what other progression will the be.
  13. cory1492

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    This reminds me of a conversation I heard once...

    "Step into my office... YOUR FIRED!"

    NAND flash slot 1 "war" was over for me the second they released a GBA slot card that could play NDS from a MM card. Never again will I rely on Chinese putting a good NAND/NOR bad block handler (aka: I haven't seen one yet, if the first block goes bad the entire flash on the card is no good) into an over expensive memory based card. Especially since its the difference between $40 if the loader block goes bad vs. $140 if the loader block goes bad.
  14. zatelli

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    Jun 27, 2003
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    Just found the DS Fire link 8 Gb on sale at shop.01media for: 65,99 € [​IMG] , that's quite cheap compared to its main competitor: the DS-X, & even if you compare it to removable media slot-1 cards (it's still a competitive price). [​IMG]
  15. Shadowhunta

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    Aug 1, 2006
    Funny this...i have a DS Linker which is identical to this in that it uses a GBA cart as a sort of passthrough device for the slot-1 ie: when the slot 1 and slot two are plugged into the DS and then in the pc's usb port via the supplied USB-Mini-d type cable,the whole thing is seen as a U-disk when its turned on.
    A message comes up saying "USB Firelink" then it allows you to load and unload files as you wish,it also creates the saves itself whenever you select a game for the first time. All in all its a nice little piece of kit,the only major drawback is the speed at which it transfers the files,which takes a good 30 minutes to fill the 1GB nand in the slot-1!!
    Also the DS linker is available in the UK at:


    All for the measly sum of £40,which to me,is the best option slot-1 card of choice for anyone who is on a tight budget.