Hacking New Custom Theme for EZ-Flash III - Shredder TMNT


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Aug 23, 2007
A New Custom EZ-Flash 3 / EZFlash III Theme in 2021?


NOTICE: this is a skin for EZ-Flash III ONLY. thats "EZ-Flash 3". the Orange cart. this is NOT for EZ-Flash IV.
Looks like this:


for those that don't know, in the early days of GBA Flashcarts, many original EZFlash IV's, and a lot of EZ-Flash III's came stock with this really bizarre, goofy-azz, cringe worthy EZ-Flash Star Wars Theme featuring Darth Vader on the main screen and the lettering

Like This:

the whole thing was just so random and inexplicable it instantly became an internet meme that would be forever associated with EZFlash line of carts, and a symbol of the poor branding or UI design of a lot of cheaper carts coming out of china at the time. and for awhile, EZ-Flash carts were jokingly referred to as "The Darth Vader Carts".

so as a tasteful homage to a time honored legacy, i have created my own unique and original spin on this classic theme design i will call "Rise Lord Shredder Theme FIRE". and "Rise Lord Shredder Theme ICE". this new theme features Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, engulfed in flames, with the tag "Rise Lord Shredder".

Here is the EZ-Flash III main menu screen:

Fire theme


And Ice theme

here is the old darth vader theme for comparison:

the splash screen shown when loading and saving:


Main menu Icons have been redesigned with new Ninja Turtles icons.

the TXT Viewer has a nice background with cute chibi ninja turtles design.

selecting "Mines" will now display a little Technodrome picture.

selecting the Chinese English app thing will show a cheeky april o'neil image

settings menu and saver menu feature classic characters from the 1990 series

time change is now "Pizza Time", with really nice embossed lettering.

on the game selection screen, or file manager, a plain color with a shredder image on the side, and the banner has traditional samurai gear with the EZFlash logo.


there is one major caveat with this. let me explain, to give some credit to the EZ-Flash Team, they actually do have the V222 EZ-Flash III "Manager" on the downloads page of their website. unfortunately, that version contains NO "Rombuilder.Rom" file anywhere in the ezflash222Loader folders, and this file, "Rombuilder.Rom" is needed to create custom skins on EZ-Flash III, using a special Skin Compiler called "EZ-PDA Rombuilder". After searching and struggling for days, i finally stumbled into an active download links for "Ez Manager 220", and "Ez Manager 210", and v210 actually has a Rombuilder.Rom file, and its the 2.22A Firmware version.
(better than nothing i suppose).

So in short, the TL;DR version is, if you want custom skins on your EZ-Flash, you are stuck at 2.22A Firmware.

basically, from what i can tell, EZ Flash USED TO include a Rombuilder.Rom file with each new firmware release, but after EZ-Manager 210, they got Lazy, they threw their hands in the air and said, "AH, Screw It" and stopped including the Skin builder file. so i've hit a brick wall at this point. unless somebody knows how to create a Rombuilder.Rom file from a newer firmware somehow, custom firmwares are stuck on v2.22A forever.

But Good News everyone!, the useless "Chinese English Word App" is back on the EZ-Flash main menu. so if you were disappointed about EZ-Flash IV latest firmware only having 3 icons and removing "Mines", well i guess EZ-Flash III owners have a rare treat indeed with 6 useless icons on the home screen instead of 3.

Installing Skins

FIRST, make sure the contact points on the EZ-Flash III is clean, and the internal battery has a charge. in this EXACT order, Place the EZFlash III Cart into the writer, THEN plug in the USB cable, THEN open up EZManage. if prompted by windows, choose "install from a specific list or location" and direct to C:\ez3manager222\USB_Drivers.

take the file "Loader_GBA.bin" and place it in C:\ez3manager222\sysbin , or whatever directory your ez3manager is in. open EZManage.exe and select "write ez loader" from the menu.


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  • Shredder ICE Theme for EZFlash III.rar
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