New Console - is this abfire price?

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    Aug 30, 2016

    i have a offer for an Nintendo 3DS XL Special Edition which look i find very very nice :) The seller told me it's on 10.5 so for a9lh i can user browserhax/menuhax and don't have to buy a gamebased exploit (do basehaxx with the Pokemon Games OR/AR still work on 11.2? Because this is the only game i own thats possible for entering the HBL.)

    The only fault it has is the Game Card Slot so i have to change it.

    Now the question: Does anyone know a german online store where i can get this repacement part? Because i only find on on USA an China.

    If someone have doen such a fix in the past i would be happy for working solutuons to get the old one off the board or if someone can give me a link to a tutorial how to do it :)

    The console has 10.5 installed so a9lh without a cart should be possible and when i's to difficult to replace the card slot i will go for install cia files of the games to play

    And i have a little question for soldering: Which is the best Flux Paste for a good price?

    Thanks in advice to everyone who helped me with this fixing.

    EDIT: If it's the wrong section then forgive me and put it in the right section. I posted here because i think the exchange of the slot should be in the technical sub-forum :)
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