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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by science, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. science

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    Jun 9, 2006
    I have a new computer, and I wan't to know the easiest way to get my old files from my old comp onto my new comp. I'm at schol and can't research. Thanks.
  2. Veho

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Just put your old disk as a second drive in your new computer.
  3. nloding

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    Forget about programs or settings, those are too difficult to transfer -- just reinstall your programs and tweak your settings like you did the first time around.

    As for data, four things: like veho said, put your old hard drive in the new tower as a secondary drive (this isn't possible on laptops though). Or, get a large USB flash drive (2GB-4GB) and transfer data that way; or, network the systems together and share the drive on the old computer; or, get an external hard drive enclosure and put the old hard drive inside of it
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    I'm an IT Manager... Here is how its done in my server room.

    use a program that all xp systems have built in..

    Option #1 (recommended)
    Go to start/all programs/accessories/system tools/Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

    Here is the details from microsoft.

    This will allow you to copy all of your settings over to a new PC. They will need to be networked or you will need some blank DVD's to burn all the data on. It will take some time so don't start this if you are going to be impatient and want to play on your new PC. You could you another process.

    Option #2
    Go to start/all programs/accessories/system tools/backup

    This is the NTbackup utility it will clone your system. The first method keeps your new OS in place. Say going from XP Pro to XP Media center ect... Using option #2 will make your new machine the same as your old. Not recommended if the hardware is different. Which it is being that its a new computer.
  5. GameGeezer

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    Jun 29, 2006
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    Just as a side note: Windows Vista comes with the same type of transfer Utility that Windows XP had. After installation it gives you the option to transfer programs and files from an old computer.
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    I know this feeling well (my new PC is now set up and I only have to overclock it), personally I suggest redownloading apps (I know it is a pain but it is sure to work and makes sure you have the best versions for the task) and transfering data via USB stick/drive/flying donkey.

    For the record it is entirely possible to run a laptop drive internally (and externally via a caddy) from a desktop machine:

    @GameGeezer the guy just got a new computer why would you want ot go and mess it up with vista now.