New Blood comes finally to Europe

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    Get into your scrubs and save lives as Trauma Center: New Blood launches on Wii. Offering an all-new immersive storyline, Trauma Center: New Blood will challenge your medical know-how, introduce you to two brand-new characters and encourage cooperative play as you head to the operating theatre to combat the latest deadly virus – Stigma. Prep for surgery as Trauma Center: New Blood goes on sale across Europe on 7th November 2008.

    Two new doctors, Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, join the practice and are soon whisked to L.A. to investigate the epidemic caused by Stigma. Caduceus, the international organisation that treats and researches new diseases, is called in, but they struggle to stop the disease from taking lives. Markus and Valerie will need to unravel a web of deceit and betrayal, discoveries that could lead to fatal consequences.

    Throughout Trauma Center: New Blood players are put in intense situations where patients’ lives hang in the balance. Players must strategically and skilfully use their medical instruments to operate on a wide variety of illnesses - and time is not on their side.

    The Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers bring realism to a whole new level as players enjoy the lifelike use of surgical instruments, such as simulating the real-life motion of a defibrillator with both controllers. In addition to this, players can look forward to new procedures, including CPR and skin grafting.

    The Wii Remote is used to wield surgical tools with precision, making every operation a truly nerve-wracking process. In case of emergency, each character has a unique Healing Touch at their disposal. This allows players to briefly slow down time or stabilise the patient’s vitals, but it can only be performed once per operation. Manual dexterity is further tested in tense operations where the Wii Remote must be carefully twisted to put broken bones back together. With more emphasis on realistic operations, Trauma Center: New Blood will have your heart racing as you struggle to save the lives of your ill-fated patients.

    Players can now team up in almost every operation. Combine your talents with a friend or family member to save lives together as you operate simultaneously, each selecting instruments from your own set. Players can also compare their healing skills with the rest of the world as they upload scores to leaderboards via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

    So step up to the table and take the challenge to save lives and be a medical hero in this exciting new instalment of hospital drama as Trauma Center: New Blood launches across Europe on 7th November 2008.
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    Atlus seriously needs to open their own European office. They still don't have one, despite publishing in the US since the NES era.
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    It's a fun game. Sorry for the wait guys.
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    Ive been so pissed of with this that i even completed this game in BLACK AND WHITE!!!
    And now ive bought a component cable for my monitor and then it dont works >_