New Anti-Copying Measures For DS Games

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Da Foxx, May 14, 2009.

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    Nintendo and six other publishers have announced that it will be working with Metaforic's MetaFortress technology in order to combat piracy. Metaforic's Andrew Mclennan, a former game developer behind this project was interviewed on

    Andrew Mclennan admits that there is no stopping pirates and his sole purpose of this project is to slow down the rate of piracy by inject a security scheme into the game itself; turning each game into its own security system. He claims that, "We add so much security to it that it will take a very long time to hack." Metaforic's technology at its most basic level detects the form of patching that the R4 cards use to play ROMS, and then proceeds to "kill" the ROM. He boldly claimed that Metaforic's solution is firmware patch resistant. "There is no firmware patch that they can apply that will stop our protection -- I can't tell you why that is, though."

    A more and fully detailed interview can be found at
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    Yeah, you're about 7 hours too late. I'm surprised that the above thread didn't show up in the forum search you no doubt ran before starting a new thread.
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