new 3ds xl w/ a9hl+luma 7.0 errors out when booting most 3ds games

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    My 3ds here decided to just stop booting most games entirely digitally and physically a while after i installed it. its currently running 11.2 but it errors out saying "an error has occurred" when i try to do a system update. in recovery mode, it works but doesn't change the situation and games still wont boot. some system apps, homebrew apps, virtual console, and ds games seem to still work fine. i tried recovery from the original backup I've made multiple times but that doesn't change anything either. its definitely not a brick because of this but i want to be able to play 3ds games still!
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    Not sure what the issue is, but try doing a ctrtransfer with 3Down or the 9.2 ctrtransfer images on
    Make a nand backup first.