New 3ds xl power draw information.

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    I had the sytem fully charge and used a usb multimeter to get my information on the system itself. I did both homescreen, and in-game tests with ntr 3.3 sound didn't seem to make much of a difference. My multimeter goes to 1/100th of an amp so maybe it's mattering but not 1ma more draw over standard.

    home menu
    brightness max power save off 0.32
    brightness max power save on 0.29
    3d on ps on 0.33
    3d on ps off 0.39

    in game
    max brightness
    3d on ps off 0.39
    3d on ps on 0.33
    3d off ps on 0.28
    3d off ps off 0.32

    max brightness
    3d on ps off 804mhz l2 enabled 0.40
    3d on ps off 268mhz l2 enabled 0.38
    3d off ps on 804mhz l2 enabled 0.31
    3d off ps on 268mzhh l2 enabled 0.26

    min brightness
    3d off ps on 0.20
    3d on ps on 0.22
    3d on ps off 0.23
    3d off ps off 0.21
    3d off ps off 804mhz l2 enabled 0.23
    3d on ps off 804mhz l2 enabled 0.24
    3d off ps off 268mhz l2 enabled 0.19-0.20
    3d on ps off 268mhz l2 enabled 0.23-024

    sleep mode seems to draw ~<1a total wirelss/nfc off.
    wireless on adds ~1-2a it seems in total.

    When in sleep mode with wireless on it randomly has peaks of 0.11-0.12 so it clearly does drain the battery even more but the overall differences dont' seem to be that much in total at least from what I can quickly measure.

    I let it sit there and waited for it to stick kinda steady before I wroet down the numbers.

    Now then this is of course through the usb cable's power reaading and who knows maybe it's less on the 3ds itself when it's not on AC but I know of no way get more accurate information.

    All numbers are in amps to get ma multiply by 100 aka .2 is 20ma.

    The game was puzzle & dragons z super mario edition so more likely than not new 3ds exclusive games or for example hyrule warriors/smash are probably going to up the ma draw up some more but this should provide a rough guideline for everyone.
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