New 3DS XL - Paint is peeling away (inside)

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    Hi. First of all - I really do care about my electronics. My N3DS XL has literally 0 scratches after almost 3 years of usage. Unfortunately today, after cleaning some paint went away (below the bottom screen). I don't know why, this place (next to home button) is not used very often. I used dry microfiber cloth as always. It looks horrible. Is there any way to fix it besides full-body swap?
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    Except for those molded in plastic with a base color, the 3DS models are colored with hard coated paint that can chip. Your microfiber might have increased the wear rate because of the fibers snagging at the paint edges and tugging the paint away bit by bit.

    You can try covering the blemishes with a skin. See the lower LCD border piece.
    Don't try painting the marks without the n3DSXL fully disassembled because you're guaranteed to fuck up that bottom screen, or it'll turn out worse than it is now. There are no readily available white color n3DSXL replacement shell housing doing a quick eBay and aliexpress search.
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