New 3DS user, help please? What steps should be used to install Luma3DS?

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    Oct 16, 2007
    Hi everyone,

    Recently got a 3DS XL (Original version) and I'm trying to install Luma3DS CFW on it, but I'm confused what steps I need to do.

    My 3DS XL is on V7.2.0-9E

    So I presumed I needed to update to v9.2 which I gather I need to install Decrpt9 has the first step to this?

    So I was following this tutorial - But I tried all 4 URLs several times and every time it said an error had occured. I also tried moving the files9 folder from the root into the 3DS folder on my SD Card but that didn't have an effect either.

    So I was guessing I'm doing something wrong?