New 3ds (not xl) charging issues after soda spill

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  1. Clydefrosch

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Hey there, so a week ago, i accidentally spilled some soda on a new 3ds console.
    cleaned and dried it as quickly as i could.
    the system itself is still working, but it seems like it wont charge the battery right anymore (no charging light) when plugged in with an empty battery.
    The charging light seems to return when you put in an already charged battery, but even then, it seems like the battery doesn't get charged.

    anyone think there's a reasonable chance to fix this issue? i tried cleaning the port again with isopropyl alcohol, but i don't think it'll really do much... probably some circuit used to control the charging fried.

    anyone got any idea to make this reasonably usable still?
    is there a replacement battery pack that has its own, separate charger?
    or a charge station for the battery maybe?
  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    None specific for the KTR-003, but it's just a standard single cell lithium battery: the maximum voltage for it is 4,2V, and without a datasheet its maximum recommended charge current is less than 1*C (if the battery is let's say 1040 mAh, 1 C is 1040 mA)

    If you want the easy but slow way, use + some homemade battery holder

    What I would do is (backup all saves just in case, then) remove the motherboard and give some good washes in clean water, then leaving it dry well for over a week (a room-temperature or otherwise reasonably warm fan is fine too), to see if it helps (though it may be too late)
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    I think your biggest issue is the fact that you're drinking soda. I would get that fixed first and then I'd worry about your 3ds. ;)
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    @Clydefrosch, read this thread about spilled soup broth on a 3DS and ways to clean it by taking it apart.
    Are you acquainted with ifixit guides?
    As for the no charging issue, use a multimeter to test your mirco-fuses, charging chip, and power supply filter (?). Although these guide are for n3DSXL and DS, there aren't any for the n3DS... We'll go with the assumption the mobo architectures aren't all that different. If it comes down to it, resort to needle-in-the-haystack continuity testing.
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