New 3DS Crash (QTM, 0xF96183FE)

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  1. Vershuk

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    Sep 12, 2018
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    I received a New 3DS XL which crashes on the home menu.

    An error has occurred (ErrDisp)

    Error type: generic

    Process ID: 21
    Process Name: qtm
    Process title ID: 0x0004013000004202

    Address: 0x00103f18
    Error code: 0xf96183fe

    This shows a second or two after the home menu loads.
    It appears this 3DS is hacked, it has Boot9Strap 1.3, and Luma3DS v9.0-joyconhax (April fools build?)
    Firmware Unknown, as it crashes before I can enter system settings.

    From what I've read, this error is likely caused by head tracking.
    There's even supposedly a boot.firm in a thread called "Luma3DS 9.0 ErrDisp" (I'd link it, but I can't post links).

    However, when I attempt to use that boot.firm, it says:
    Failed to apply 1 FIRM patch(es).
    Press any button to shutdown.

    Someone know what's wrong?
  2. zoogie

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    I know you said new 3DS XL, but is this in fact a new 2DS XL?
    I'm not being dense - sometimes people generically refer to 2DS's as 3DS.

    That qtm error is usually associated with downgrading new 2ds XLs too far (at or below 11.4).
  3. Vershuk

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    Sep 12, 2018
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    It's fine, I wish it were something stupid like that :P
    It is indeed a New 3DS XL. It has a 3D slider. I can send a picture if needed.

    I did just get some "good" news. I unplugged the ribbon cable I believe to be for the camera (I can't actually find any verification online, but judging by the shape of the ribbon cable it looks like this is where it would end up), and it booted up properly. Sounds like I might need to replace that part maybe?

    EDIT: Firmware is 11.8.0-41U, since I can boot now.
    EDIT 2: I can't believe my luck. I plugged the cable back in, and the system seems to work completely fine now. Guess it wasn't seated properly or something. Super-Stable 3D tracking works, I've never seen it before, but I just compared it to my O3DS, and there's a huge difference.
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    @Vershuk, be on the look out for symptoms described in this/these thread(s).
    If your n3DSXL starts displaying signs of the infamous "Black Screens of Death" in HOME Menu with background sound, you'll need to replace that camera.