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    Dec 15, 2014
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    This guide is mainly for New3DS users who are stuck on 8.1 Japan.

    Before we start, these are not my files, I will not provide ANY files and this is not my work. Let’s go.
    What You’ll Need;
    • Sysupdater 4.2beta
    • Firmware Files (IthinkIt'sSomethingLike3DSISOorsomethinglikethathmmmwhoknows...?)
    • Homebrew

    1. Have a New 3DS from Japan with a firmware of 8.1 on it.
    2. Update to 10.3 sysnand.
    3. Place the required files on the sd card.
    4. Make a folder named “updates” and include the updates
    5. Delete title “000400102002CA00.cia”
    6. Boot into Homebrew 2.5 and launch sysupdater 4.2Beta
    7. Press “Y” for downgrading
    8. Downgrade.
    9. You will reboot and most likely end up on 9.1…
    10. Voila! Enjoy.

    I know this guide has been made for downgrading but 8.1 users seem to look past it. I'm also requesting that a mod locks this thread since I and others don't really want to spam this thread with what threads are already covering (downgrading threads)
    I have other ways of downgrading, most of which are scary!!! but get this before the 10.4 update rolls out.
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