1. Insomniac8

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    Aug 1, 2020
    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    I have been spending my lock-down months trying to fix some old consoles and handhelds for fun and have found the New 2DS XL to be a nice console to work on, and have managed to get a few of them up and running again now.

    However, I have two consoles that are not happy for seemingly the same reasons, so I am hoping there is someone out here with a bit more knowledge that might be able to make some suggestions.

    Console 1)
    This was bought with already having the "popping fault" where the blue light comes on for a few seconds, and then goes off with a pop from the speakers. Opening it up, the tops screen ribbon was in bad shape, so I got that swapped out, but it did not fix it. On closer inspection, the bottom screen back light connector had been "opened" at some point so was not making a good connection. Holding it in place I was able to get it to boot. Given that the I was unable to keep it in place, I thought I would try reinforcing the connector with a little solder. During this, I had clearly managed to bridge across the pins, it still booted but there was no backlight. I managed to unbridge the connections, but annoyingly I still couldn't seem to get a good connection, and now holding it down didn't allow it to boot. This is, I think the point where it stopped working. Since this point, I have removed the connector completely, soldered a screen on, re-bridged the pins, fitted a replacement socket and connected it to a different backlight. None of these made any difference. I can only assume at this point that something has failed such as a capacitor or fuse.

    Console 2)
    This motherboard had a slight bend on it near the battery side, and with both the backlight and NFC connectors completely missing. Given that I already had some of these connectors for console 1, I went ahead and fitted new connectors and hooked it back up. I gave it a test while still opened up, and it turned on. I still hadn't put all the screws back in, so wile testing it out I had a few cases of it turning off. So, I started screwing it all together properly so everything was on apart from the back casing which was connected but not clipped in. Still working. I then tried to fit the back case on, while it was on. (urgh) and it didn't seem to want to go on. I was carefully trying to get it all lined up when it turned off again. So I took the back cover off again, checked all the connections and still nothing. Since that point it has failed to boot each time.

    So that is where we are, 2 consoles, both that had issues around the backlight connector that now wont boot even though all things are connected.

    I have another console arriving soon that is supposed to just have a broken top screen (cracked, so still electrically sound), so my next step is probably to start comparing readings between all 3 boards to see if anything shows up.

    If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! But if not, I will update this thread with anything I do find out in the hope that others may be able to fix this issue too.
  2. chrisd

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    Jun 13, 2013
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    Sorry that nobody posted anything in response for all of these months. If you ended up doing any work on this further and got results, I would love to see it. I'm working on a similar problem with a 2DS (original bread slice, not XL) and since I've seen this on other 3DS models, I suspect there is overlap between the different variants. If you have any insights, I'd be welcome to read them.
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