New: 1063 - Monster Gate 2 Dai Inaru Dungeon (J)

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by T-hug, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. T-hug

    T-hug Always like this.

    pip Chief Editor
    Oct 24, 2002
    [​IMG] 1063 - Monster Gate 2 Dai Inaru Dungeon JAPAN 64 Mbits (Rising Sun)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Save Type : SRAM[/p]
  2. Koekie

    Koekie djgarf RULES THE FUCKING WORLD!!! :D

    Oct 25, 2002
    The Netherlands
    finally a change in the mainpage.
    jap game, so I aint d/l-ing
  3. Squiffy

    Squiffy GBATemp's Little Embarrassment

    Oct 30, 2002
    Northern Ireland
    I want Metroid Zero Mission! [​IMG]
  4. Elrinth

    Elrinth :Master beyond your imagination:

    Nov 6, 2002
    I want Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu!

    Monster Gate 1 was good.. I hope this'll be good too [​IMG]
  5. n!trO

    n!trO Newbie

    May 3, 2003
    Who can give me a channel of IRC and the server for talk about GBA???? THX! Someone know in what server is the channel "#gbanow?? THX [​IMG]
  6. shaunj66

    shaunj66 Administrator

    Oct 24, 2002
    United Kingdom
    South England
    Our very own IRC channel #gbatemp is the place for you to come! [​IMG]
    Both #gbatemp and #gbanow are on Efnet. You can find a list of automatically updated Efnet servers HERE!

    To join one of those servers for example "".
    In IRC, type...


    Or if your IRC client supports it, simply click here!
  7. mechanori

    mechanori Newbie

    Wow, that worked a whole lot better than that random option. I could never connect that way.
  8. himiko

    himiko Advanced Member

    Mar 6, 2003
    Another dungeon arpg!
    Thanks a lot [​IMG]
  9. AnTi-WaR

    AnTi-WaR those who make mistakes blame themselves and close

    Nov 26, 2002
    so is this (j) rpg worth a download?
  10. neocat

    neocat The GbaTemp 1337 Cat of D00M!!

    Oct 24, 2002
    if you know japanese OR if you're a collector, YES
    otherwise, NO
  11. AnTi-WaR

    AnTi-WaR those who make mistakes blame themselves and close

    Nov 26, 2002
    i dont know (j) and im on dial up so iuts hard for me to collect so i guess i wont get it.
  12. terepan

    terepan Newbie

    Nov 4, 2002
    not "Dai Inaru",
    "Oh-i-na-ru" is the right pronunciation.
  13. I love this game!
    Its sorta like zelda yet... turn based. what i mean is that you move and the your enemy moves like on lufia except that there is no battle sequence because all of the fighting is done right then and there (like zelda).You can lvl. up but every time you leave a dungeon you go back to lvl 1 so you cant just level up alot to be uber powerfull then just breeze through every dungeon real quick.You level up really quick (mabe every time you kill an enemy but I dont pay much attention to it) but you stat growth is low.
    There is also a system in which magic is used via spell cards that you find in the dungeons,through shops,from enemys, and gambling but the cards are expendable and use up MP (though usually very little).
    The spell cards vary in what they do.What I mean is some will heal you while others will cast offensive magic and some will even summon a monster that will follow you around and help you kill enemies.
    Though Im not sure yet I presume this game to be HUGE because of how big the world map is compared to the tiny little dungeon sprites (which are spaced pretty close together).
    I recomend giving this game a try but the first one is more fun (IMO) and should really be considered.
    Hope that helped!
  14. NeoBahamut

    NeoBahamut Dragon King of GBATemp

    Dec 15, 2002
    Strange game indeed.... why do the programmers make us back to hp: 50 and mp: 30 or something whenever we start [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] .... Oh well, it's fun as is
  15. mukimuki

    mukimuki GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 2, 2002
    terepan's right about the title- bad case of kanji misreading again
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