New 1.60 Vita Newbie Questions and Can't Transfer from PS3

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by HumbertHumbert, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. HumbertHumbert

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    Jun 5, 2008
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    I'm pretty new to the Vita scene, but I just bought a new Vita and it came with OS 1.60. Reading up, I have a lot of questions, if anyone can answer them:

    1. Should I upgrade from 1.60?

    2. Can I use the Gravity Crash exploit still if I buy/transfer it from my PS3 to 1.60 Vita, to hack my Vita?

    3. If I hack my Vita, will I not be able to play any Vita games unless I update my OS, or will the hacked firmware allow me to play current games? (Since Vita seems to tell me to update to 3.01 whenever I try to run anything)

    The fact is, I bought Gravity Crash Portable just to see if it would work, but when I connect my PS3 to my Vita, and start Content Manager, it tells me on my Vita screen that I have to update my OS, and won't let me transfer it. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong because everything I've read says that you use the PS3 transfer to avoid dealing with that auto-update prompt.

    The bottom line question is: what's the best way to hack this thing? But answering any of the above will be a great help.

    If anyone has any answers or suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

    EDIT: So I kept searching, and finally found I have to do the OpenCMA connection trick (connect to PC via OpenCMA, unplug while the connection is active, and plug into the PS3, to avoid the update screen).
  2. Hellz92

    Hellz92 GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 24, 2013
    1. Is up to you, and depends on the max firmware that allows you to use the exploit with Gravity Crash.
    2. There's several ways to get the game to your vita, it should work by using openCMA, like you put in your edit. Another way that might work
    3. You can still play vita games, but only the games that support being played on your firmware, which in your case will be up to 1.60, Gravity Crash should be useable up to firmware 1.81.

    Keep in mind that exploited games that get pulled from PSN do not get patched so if you get a game that has a 3.01 exploit (when it gets put back in the store later on) you can upgrade vita to 3.01, transfer the game from whatever method to your vita after you bought it and then you can use 3.01 as base FW for the exploit.
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