Never had a PSP before - what to buy?

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    I’ve never owned a PSP. What model should I buy?

    I’ve been thinking about buying a PSP 3000, for its supposedly better video capture. I don’t know anything about it, just heard about that.

    When I get a PSP 3000 from someone, do I need to make sure that it has firmware in a particular version range so that I can install that “infinity” firmware?
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    I have a PSP 3000, really like it.
    Infinity works on the latest, 6.61.
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    Feb 26, 2018
    2000/3000 same thing.

    Just don't get a 1000(e).
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    You could buy a GO model, a lot of people don't like the 16gb limit and M2 cards are rare and also cap at 16gb. However it's the smallest model, it works with infinity permanent CFW and there is a simple mod made by a man named Kouchan to use SD cards (I have 128gb in mine and it's bad @$$) What I did was google "original game accessory dummy adapter". The first link that pops up is in JPN lang. Use google translate and it should be cake. PayPal works fine too. If you're willing to go through a couple hoops I believe the PSP GO is, to this day, the P4P king portable in terms of size and library. It can connect a ps3 controller and you can buy a dock/cradle for it that charges it and connects to the TV like a tiny Nintendo Switch. It also fits in the mini fake pockets on my jeans giving them an actual purpose lol. "You can do this the easy way, or the hard way, the choice is yours!" - Fleece Johnson the Booty Warrior

    Edit - As for versions, Nah don't worry about it. downgrading is no prob on any psp. IMHO, PSP is the easiest system to mess around with CFW. WII is a close 2nd. Just make sure you follow instructions carefully to avoid bricks (unlikely but possible). Also some youtubers are still making CFW tutorials in 2018 so you'll have plenty of answers for any questions you may have. Hope this helps and good luck Broly.

    Last thing! - Online play is a thing now on psp. YouTube "Coldbird PSP plugin" or something like that. Not every game has players but give it a shot. DBZ, MH, MGS and occasionally Tekken (and a few others I don't play) have active players. I really only use it for monster hunter w/ issues here and there but it's sick either way!
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    This is all true. Cfw doesnt work well on 1000/e (aka Psp street) and psp1000 only has 16mb internal ram. The Psp 2000/3000 has 32mb ram. Snes9x runs better on psp2000/3000. Ive has both and couldn’t see much difference in the screen quality. Psp3000 was slightly better, only if you super stare at the pixels.