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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by xcalibur, Jun 5, 2008.

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    So for the past few days, my internet has been really slow and those who regularly visit the IRC channel probably know all about it.
    I finally decided to stop my moaning and I went and called the network admin. My building itself doesn't support DSL so thats why we have to share it with the building next door.

    When I called him he told me that the router and the internet were supposedly fine and everyone was happy with it and that I was the only person to complain.

    Right now there are 3 possibilities;

    1. He's a liar and purposely firewalled the router to stop us from downloading shit or even browsing.
    2. The router is a piece of crap and is bugging up.
    3. There's something wrong with my computer.

    I'd like you all to help me eliminate possibility 3.

    First of all, I'd like to say that in my network connections, when I first start it up, it'd show my local area connection trying to acquire a network address. Then when it has successfully done so, a new icon would appear called "Internet connection" and I'd be able to surf/download fine. Lately that hasn't happened for some reason. All I get is the LAN acquiring a network address and then saying its connected. I can go online but its really slow and torrents don't work at all. Uploading works perfectly fine though (I have a ratio of 2 for Oblivion, which I've been trying to download for 2 weeks now). And whenever I download anything from a regular website, the download will go really slow and get interrupted and just stop for no reason.

    My IP is given to me automatically and so is my DNS server. My DNS server always used to be and my IP adress would always be 192.168.1.XX, where the last 2 digits would always be different. Now though, my DNS server is always and my IP adress also. The strangest of all is whenever I go into command prompt and type ipconfig, it'll give me my IP adress as "fe80::216:e6ff:fe57:dbc3%4", which seems a bit strange to me.

    Right now I've tried;

    1. Running nod32, Ad Aware and Spybot full scans.
    2. Network setup wizard.
    3. Network Identification.

    I don't know what else to do.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Check that your settings are still on automatic. The DNS normally is the same as the gateway.

    Or, try using manual settings

    Ip 192.168.1.XX

    subnet mask:


    Primary DNS:

    If it doesnt work probably its a problem with the router
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    They could be forwarding ports you use to different computers, can you log into the router/modem and see what is going on?

    For DNS, I suggest you manually use OpenDNS
    Preferred DNS server address for Open DNS is:

    Alternate DNS server address for Open DNS is:
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    Do you or a friend have another computer you can try on the connection? That would allow you to determine wheather it is your computer.
  5. xcalibur

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    Now I get whats wrong! The guy changed the router to another one so now there's a firewall blocking every incoming connection. The type is an officeconnect adsl wireless 11g firewall router.
    I wish the network admin would just tell me the password to it btu I don't think so.

    The guy is a retard by the way and I can't see how the hell he was appointed network admin. I talked to him about how my internet is slow lately and bittorrent won't work because all the ports are blocked.
    His first response was a blank stare and he then proceeded to tell me about how the router doesn't have firewall and I'm just being paranoid. He told me that ports aren't on this firewall either and I should use something else besides PITORNET (thats how he kept pronouncing it) and to fix it, I should just reinstall windows... It took me all my self control to not punch that cocky retard in the face.

    I don't know what to do...
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    try the defaults... usually nothing in the user name part, and just admin for a password...

    if you know the model/brand, just google for the default password to the router, and more than likely he wasn't smart enough to change it...