NetHackDS v1.8a

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    NetHackDS v1.8a
    Roguelike designed for NDS

    brettk has released another update to his recently unveiled NetHackDS, featuring quite a meaty changelog (including a keyboard-based command mode). Download and full changelog below.

    [title:Changelog] * Fixed Adjust (it was horribly broken). Thanks, Scribble!
    * Moved left-handed mode to OPTIONS (default off).
    * Added keyboard-based command mode, toggleable with OPTIONS (default off).
    * Menus and command window can now be controlled using the joypad.
    * Changed menus so now Left/Right pages up/down, and Up/Down are used to change the highlighted menu item.
    * Added select all/none in multi-select menus using Select and Select+L/R.
    * Added double-tap mode in menus and command window, toggleable with OPTIONS (default off).
    * Added holdmode option, to control whether L/R must be held to keep the command window open (default on).
    * Added cursor option, to control whether a cursor is displayed (default on).
    * Fixed the graphics cursor to properly map to the internal cursor position (makes dagger throws, etc, move the cursor like in text mode).
    * Fixed the text mode cursor to work with "What Is" when it moves off the rendered map.

    And just to draw extra attention to it, you lefties out there, you'll have to enable left-handed mode in the OPTIONS file now. The old setting will be lost.

    Anyway, check out the packaged defaults.nh file to see what new options are available.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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    Oct 20, 2006
    Excellent developer. I think it has been updated at least every 2 days [​IMG]
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    Dec 3, 2007
    And I just updated it again. 1.8b is out on the project homepage. Now, normally I wouldn't rush out a release less than 12 hours after the previous one, but I thought it was worth it in thie case. The new version hopefully fixes the touchscreen inaccuracy problems. On my DS, anyway, the performance is rock solid now.