NetGore v0.3.6

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    NetGore v0.3.6
    Open-source Cross-platform RPG Engine

    Back in July of 2010 I posted news (by request) for the Saturn Valley Online RPG. The game engine that SVO uses is called NetGore. NetGore is described as being "a free open-source cross-platform online RPG engine written in C# and SFML." The project has received a bug fix update today and can be downloaded from the link below. Be sure to browse the homepage for more information about this project.

    [​IMG] Off-site Download
    [​IMG] About
    [​IMG] NetGore WIKI

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    i never knew u could make an engine in c#, must be quite slower than c++ but nice to see the engine
    how platforms are they talking about? windows, linux and mac? considering SVO is a great replica of mother, it would interesting to see the content that this can feature
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    The client works only on Windows at the moment, but the server is crossplatform.
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    Actually the client "should" be cross-platform. There hasn't been much testing on it, but it should run under both Linux and Mac. SFML is the only real limitation for cross-platform support, so whatever SFML can handle, NetGore should be able to handle.