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    I was wondering if it's only a French netflix issue, or maybe a PS4 issue.
    Why netflix doesn't advertise their upcoming series and movies more ?

    They have the trailers and preview for them already available if you know what you are looking for, but they never have a category for upcoming shows.
    Sometime, you find them "by chance" when completing a show, they suggest you something and it happens to be unreleased yet.

    If you search "death" you can see Death note animé, and a LOT of unrelated death note ones, but no Death note movie trailer (while it's almost there, August 25th !)
    If you search en entire "death note" then you find it.
    Funny thing, once you found it, it then appear on "death" search only, while it didn't on first try.

    It's always the same with other names.
    I've searched "Will smith" and got a lot of unrelated, not even will smith, movies.
    I had to search for "Bright" to find the december's Bright movie with Will smith, and now it appears when I search for will smith.

    same and same for all of them, even their own netflix produced shows are not advertised before release.
    death note, castlevania, bright, Marvel's defenders, punisher, Altered Carbon, atypical, etc. they are/were all hidden, until you look for them.
    I searched for Saint Seiya, knights of the zodiac, but I guess they don't have a trailer yet.

    They are also not announcing their future seasons (black mirror s4, The OA s2, castlevania s2, etc.)
    Not counting the one they added but have a running license in France's broadcast channels (they need to wait 2-3 years until they can add them to netflix due to France's broadcast exclusivity rules...., we are missing a lot of shows and latest seasons on netflix that other countries have. We only have The Expanse s1, while TVs are broadcasting s2 for free)

    they have tons of categories, I would like a preview or upcoming category too. their "latest addition" category is always old, it's too much to ask for preview?
    Is that the same in other netflix's countries and platforms?
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