Netflix Semi Bricked Wii - Sorta

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    TLDR: My wii appears to have recovered from a "System files are corrupt" error without any effort of my own. My concern is do i have something lurking that i need to fix, and more importantly what did i do wrong and how can i keep from doing that in the future.

    So, i've been having alot of fun tooling around with the Wii getting it re set up after a recent USB HD fiasco (dont resize your wbfs partition)

    Got everything up and running and decided to give the ole Netflix a go.

    Netflix was previously loaded onto the wii and used with great success through the USB Drive.

    Because of a slow credit card payment, the Netflix Account lapsed and had to be reactivated.

    Once i did this, netflix had to be reactivated on the Wii. (this is where i think the problem lies)

    As soon as it was activated it crashed to "System files are corrupt"

    A couple of panicked restarts later got me to the system menu and i proceeded to watch my intended movie (zombie land is great btw)

    Once the movie was over i restarted the wii and to my shagrin it was "system files are corrupted again"

    Several restarts produced no posative effect so i went to the web to see what to do and if i needed to break out the nand dump i made this weekend

    After returning 10 min later the wii appears to be fine. I went ahead and deleted the netflix save file unsure if that was what was corrupted.

    I'm just wondering:

    1. if i'm in the clear

    2. If anyone else had a similar experience and knows what caused it

    3. What i can do to make sure that doesnt happen again

    thanks in advance