nesDS keeps corrupting my microSD ...

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Lurick, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    While using my newly purchased M3 Perfect Lite, I've run in this problem twice with nesDS.

    1) I open the emulator up, and begin playing a ROM. The first time this happened, it was after freezing up when I tried to go back to the ROM selection menu. The second time, it was after simply opening nesDS.

    2) All of a sudden, out of nowhere, some fifty-odd random folders spontaneously erupt into existence in my NES directory (where I keep the ROMs on the card). They're all named completely random things, like "aZ 0 z," (complete with spaces) or unreadable symbols.

    3) The first time, this resulted in nesDS becoming completely unplayable, while the rest of the card was fine. The second, nesDS was playable, the ROMs were still there, but the folders remained.

    4) Here's the kicker -- BOTH times, the folders are completely untouchable when I try to remove them from the microSD card. Every attempt to delete, move, or view the contents of any of them result in a "cannot read from card" error.

    I've had to reformat twice because of this, or else risk a takeover by these strange, self-generating folders. Has anyone else run into a similar problem with nesDS on the m3? I've never had this happen on my R4. I'd much rather use nesDS on my m3 Lite, however, as it's my only means of saving with it.
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    Personally I haven't had any problems with nesDS that you've stated above and it runs fine on my M3 Simply... I also understand you're using it on your M3 Lite, which I do have but don't have the means to test it out right this moment. Would you rather not use PocketNes or something else so that you can use save states as opposed to using nesDS?

    The only things I can think of are 1) maybe something from your computer keeps corrupting your card 2) maybe something is wrong with your copy of the program itself(?) Just my two cents.